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Find the best Guachinche of Tenerife near you

Map of municipalities of Tenerife with Guachinches

Guachinches Tenerife

What is a Guachinche and what does it mean?

If you are on holiday in the Canary Islands or you live here you will know that for eating typical Canarian food you should visit the Guachinches of Tenerife.

But do you know what Guachinche means and what it is?

A Guachinche is a typical Canarian restaurant that is characterised by sell home-grown wine and traditional canarian food.

Until a few years ago, the Guachinches used to be private houses where wine was sold and food was served, most of them located in the North of Tenerife.

A few years ago, the authentic Guachinches were not regulated and licensed as a restaurant, because they were private houses that offered their vintage wine for tasting.

Over time, the Guachinches of Tenerife became very popular. famous for its homemade and typical Canarian food..

Many bars and restaurants changed the name to Guachinche in order to attract customers, which led to the regulation of Guachinches only to those who to grow its own wines.

In addition to being characterised by the own wine and traditional foodThe Guachinches are characterised by not having big decorations.

They are places without luxury and many of them look like private homes that make them authentic and with charm.

Although over time this has changed and we can already find some Modern gymnasium or fusion.

Normally, Guachinches are open for the duration of their own harvest.but many are open all year round because they buy wine from other growers.

History of the Guachinches

The Guachinches began to originate when many farmers wanted to sell their home-grown wine without middlemen by setting up " Guachinches ".stalls"in their premises or lounges.

They would invite the people of the village and neighbours, cook a typical Canarian dish, serve their own wine and they had their party ".stall" assembled.

Musicians with typical Canarian instruments were also present and a dance was organised where it was the place of the moment to find a partner.

The word Guachinche comes from an English expression ".I?m watching you!I'm watching you!" - "I'm watching you!".

The English used to say to the Canarians "I'm watching you!", to let them know that wanted to taste and buy winethe Canarians understood "Is there a campfire?".

It is also said that the word Guachinche comes from Bochinchesynonymous with uproarwhich is currently used in Gran Canaria.

How do you find a caravan?

When you are a tourist on holiday in Tenerife, it can be difficult to find the good places to stay. guachinches

So that you don't have to enter the words "-" in your search engine.guesthouses near me"We have created this guide with the guachinches and restaurants of Tenerife classified by categories and municipalities.

If you have no idea where to start, at Guachinches Tenerife we provide you with a guide with all Guachinches updated every day!

The site Tenerife tourism website acknowledges that the list of guachinches is not correct and many contact details of guachinches are omitted. However, he is optimistic; one of his main messages is "The best way to explore a guachinche!".

In the north of Tenerife are everywhere and you will have no problem encountering them. They seem to be largely concentrated around areas with high wine production.

Although, nowadays, you can find them all over the island, both in Tenerife South or in the Metropolitan Area of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

What do you eat at a guachinche?

In the more traditional Guachiches you will be able to eat authentic Canarian food, it is advisable to ask about the speciality of the house or try small portions of each dish.

The most typical dishes of the Canary Islands are:

Canary Island Mojos

Los Mojos

They are typical Canarian sauces to accompany meat, fish, potatoes... The most typical mojos are mojo picón, mojo rojo and mojo verde.

Wrinkled potatoes

Wrinkled potatoes

Thanks to a variety of native potatoes we can taste potatoes with an incredible flavour accompanied by mojos.

Canarian grilled cheese

Grilled cheese

It is a soft goat's cheese from the island which is grilled and also accompanied by mojos.

Garbanzas canarias


It is a typical Canarian stew which is made with boiled chickpeas, pork ribs and trotters, bacon, chorizo and vegetables. A sofrito is added and cooked over a low heat.

Meat party

Meat party

The meat party may be the best known typical dish of Tenerife and owes its name to the fact that it was the usual dish at popular festivals. It is prepared with marinated pig's meat and other seasonings which are fried in plenty of oil.

Escaldón de gofio

Escaldón de gofio

A typical Canarian dish for cold days, which consists of adding a broth hot to the gofio and knead it. Chopped garlic, hot and sweet paprika are added to this mixture.

Canarian stewed octopus

Stewed octopus

Octopus is a highly appreciated product by the people of Tenerife, consisting of octopus cooked with salt, vinegar and pepper.

List of the best guachinches in Tenerife

Whether you're looking for a romantic date or to take family and friends out for a celebration, our list of the best guachinches in Tenerife will give you the quality you deserve.